Music Monday- Andy Grammer Lunatic

Everyone needs a pick me up to get themselves back into the groove for the week that’s why I love Music Monday.  

Music Monday’s mission it to get you something good to listen to to get you motivated to finish your workout! 

Today’s Music Choice: Andy Grammer Lunatic 

I’ve been regretting not keeping up with Music Mondays, I think the summer has gotten to me and all of the fun things I’ve been finding on Stumble Upon. BUT, this week Andy Grammer was in town so I was listening to his album all week.  It sparked this choice for today.

It may be the kind of mood I’m in or that I just love a good lyric. Not so sure, but this song is motivating.  For those of you training for a race or are making some big decisions lately, this song is perfect for you. Andy is a guy I found through VH1…great songs. You may know him from the song “Keep your Head Up,” also a great song!

“You can do this, you can do this
You are not a lunatic
Crazy would be changing your mind”

Listen here! 

Happy Monday!

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