A Grateful 3.5 Miles

There have been many things in the past few months that I have really changed my philosphy.  It’s hard to say that your philosophy can change in such a quick time frame, but when it does, it most certainly does.

I was running yesterday after a pretty long day at work (it took everything I had to get out the door) and at mile 2 realized I kept wanting to stop.  I was thinking about everything that hurt, was hard and why I wanted to walk. Now…if you know me you know I’m not going to just stop, but goodness it was tough.  I started to give myself milestones…think about this until you get to the corner, think about this when you get to the bus station.

Let me tell you..I’m an advocate of running therapy, but this was great! Call me a rambler today, but I wanted to share my thoughts on why I’m grateful for what I have and give you a recap on my thoughts while running last night.

By the way, if you saw me on Commonwealth in deep thought, no need to worry. The thumb brace was on for instances where my thought is too deep! (Suitcase prevention for those of you who understand!)

I apologize if this sounds pretty basic…but maybe it will inspire you to think about what you’re grateful for and try to appreciate it today. Take a walk or run and just appreciate it. I promise it will make your hump day ten times better.

I’m grateful for:

1- Breathing healthy. (Sounds odd, but taking in that fresh air and knowing that I’m healthy is something I think about constantly. There are so many others who are struggling with their health. Be appreciative for those lungs and heart. (And treat them well too!)

2- Running with my two legs. When I was volunteering for Girl Talk, the girls would complain so much about running and moving. This was my quotation to them. You have two legs and some people don’t, be grateful! Sounds harsh..but I’ve been attuned to tough love. 🙂

3- My education, a wise professor once told me that no one can take away your education (not even the bank if you can’t afford your student loans). So true, if you’re swamped in student loans remember this. (Thanks Kelly!)

4- My family. Truly the base of my support system. We’ve gone through some ups and downs recently…but let me tell you that base will ALWAYS be stable.

5- My best friend- she may have moved the suitcase to give me a dwarfed thumb…but she gets me through everything and motivates me to continue forward.

6- My girls- “the group”… there isn’t a day that goes by that our friendship doesn’t come to my mind. Being able to ask them anything is a privilege (even if there is a laugh or too :))

7- Specifically my aunts…Lord these women are great- Ronnie, Mary, Maureen, Martha…I don’t think I would be half the person I am without them. They are the definition of what I want to be successful, intelligent, passionate, kind and amazing mothers.

8- My team. The beauty of entrepreneurship is the team effort. I love each and everyone of my teammates like they are my family. They make me better.

9- My Friends, team, girls, family people- all combined are my there for me no matter what.

10- My opportunity. Having what I have is a blessing, many people say it’s hard work but being able to put in the hard work, I’m appreciative of.

11- You. Chocolate Covered Crunches has been a inspiration to me as I hope it has to you.

I really recommend taking a minute today to just create a quick running list in your head. If anything, I promise a smile will come to your face as you think about it!

What are you grateful for?

Happy Hump Day,


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