Sunday Funday Recap

Happy Sunday!!

This week has been an amazing one. Positive energy, great things happening and some interesting things too. As well as beating my “PR” for views on a single day. (I love how as a runner and a blogger you can officially have two PR’s :))

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, here’s what you’ve missed:

A delicious recipe for a vegetable Lasagna at 251 calories a serving !

Some super women who took the jump to finish a goal, so proud! 


Your success inspires– that’s it…just know that as you move to accomplish something…anything.

Music Monday– my new friend Andy Grammer tells you that you aren’t a Lunatic 🙂


Sunday’s Workout: 

Start: 15 Minute Stair Climb

Leg Madness:

1- Split Squats

2- Sumo Squats

3- Basic Front Lunges

4- Hack Squats

Finish: 15 Minute Stair Climb

PS: Congratulations to the Newsom Family! They took their vacation to the next level and celebrated three PR’s at the Alaska Marathon!  What a way to kick off their vacation!!

Coming up this week: 

  • Sweating the BIG stuff – How NOT to sweat the small stuff.
  • Entrepreneur or.. Single Mom or Mom/Dad in general vs. TIME
  • How to pick a playlist
  • 20 Minute HIIT Workout Treat!
  • And…July’s contest! NEW!!

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