Create your OWN motivating workout playlist

My workout playlist is precious to me.  It can be difficult to make one and you probably feel the pressure of not having the most motivating playlist out there. A few readers have reached out to me asking for my playlist.  Rather than giving you my playlist, I think it’s important to find your own songs which will motivate YOU.

Here are some questions to help you create your own motivating playlist:

What’s your favorite song?

Born to Run by Bruce…reminds me of my family and literally keeps me running.  Add your favorite song to your playlist (in the middle!)

What’s the song that you want to hear with friends?

Yes…lately that song has been Call Me Maybe. Do not judge…happy songs equal happy thoughts. Add it to your playlist and you will keep moving, focus on the happy and not the burn.

What’s the song that you listened to in high school on replay? 

Add this one as a bit of a zest to your playlist.  I’ll be honest. Do Your Thing by Nsync* is on mine as well as Dirty by Christina Augilera. My friends would laugh at me now but we ALL danced to it. Makes me smile everytime.

Your first accomplishment, what song reminds you of this? 

When I completed my first 5k, I had on my Shuffle Kevin Rudolf’s Let it Rock.  I will never take this song off of my playlist because it reminds me of the accomplishment.  Add a song of accomplishment to your playlist for a motivating memory.

Favorite movie, what’s the theme song in it? 

Take any of those movies in your list, take the theme song and add it to your playlist. Come on…who doesn’t love the Cool Runnings soundtrack? 🙂

Can’t find your niche with these questions? Try these out:

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Happy Listening! 🙂

PS: Need new headphones for your workout? Come back tomorrow, we’re announcing the first CCC sweepstakes featuring a special surprise for your workout playlist 🙂


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