Back on Track with New 5kers

The Fourth of July is awesome because it includes many “F” words.  Friends, family, food, fun, Firecrackers and….Five K’s!

And my first 5k back from my injury!!!!

I had asked my friends to sign p for the Mayor’s Cup 5K in Marlton, NJ to celebrate the fourth of July and start our holiday up in a healthy way. It was an early morning (I like to sleep in) but we continued to Marlton singing Call me Maybe…well EJ did.

My favorite part of running now is when someone who is new to running or has not competitively run is nervous before their first race.  Makes me sound like a looney to you all probably, but it’s just because I see myself back there three years ago (almost!) and am SO excited for them. Needless to say, Kristen and Crysta were nervous about this run…which they completed without any medical assistance like they thought they were going to need. EJ and I survived as well and ran to two wonderful cheerleaders (Thank you Aunt Martha and Mom!)

This is just another testament to show everyone that you CAN do it. Recently, I’ve seen some pretty impressive stories and from wonderful people have been given many stories to ready about overcoming adversity and just doing it. (Nike is just too smart.)

This 5k was a great family event and a great reminder of the run running can be. The feeling to cross that start line and hear that beep of your sensor sounds like a normal sound to many non-runners. But to a runner who hasn’t been around the sound for a while- it’s a great thing!

So glad to be back on the ground running and cannot wait until my next race. Great day, great accomplishments, and a good birthday for America. So proud of these ladies, thank you for running with me and being so supportive.  Any other readers who would like to run…you know where to find me!

Have you overcome a fear and finished a 5k or a fitness adventure? Tell us about it!

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