A Definition of Courage

Happy Thursday! (Happy Afternoon too!)

This week has been a busy and stressful one. Luckily, I have put myself in front of many other things and made sure that I got a workout in. It’s funny what happens when you put yourself first.  It was so hard for me at the beginning to make working out a priority…and then suddenly I was adding it to my daily schedule and feeling GREAT about it hence me working out at 9PM at the lonely gym 🙂

Well..I wanted to share this video with you.  It’s worth the 10 minutes to watch and will inspire you to finish your day strong. I was watching the Espy’s last night while on the elliptical and had to stop to watch this video.  Pat Summit received last night the Arthur Ashe Award of Courage, an award well deserved.

Many people do not know Pat Summit, I didn’t until I met my best friend and basketball friends.  She is a true leader in the sport of women’s basketball but even more she is a PIONEER. The word pioneer is so strong. The number 1098 is strong (the number of wins in her career) but the fight she is battling on Early Alzheimer’s while still coaching is such a remarkable achievement.

Pat Summit has had a very difficult personal journey but has taken her passion for coaching and moved forward for her players and teammates.  She wants and expects the best from everyone she is affiliated with.  Her passion and dedication is motivating and inspiring. She shows that you CAN fight for what you want and are passionate about.

If you don’t know her, watch her story here. If you do know her, watch her story and reflect on what you already know.

Click here to watch!

Have a good day-

Be well,


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