Are you Walking and Working? The Walk-Work Challenge

So last week I did an experiment…. I’ve been reading all of the depressing emails about how sitting at your desk all day and crouching down at your computer can literally shave off your life expectancy by 2 years. (Seriously…it’s true)

As an entrepreneur and employed at my tech based company, I’m at my computer for 9-10 hours a day.  I know…not good. I tried the medicine ball but after my injury I’ve been too nervous to even go back to it and I’ve tried to stand too and that’s not worked either (I work heavily in excel and I cannot concentrate).

So I decided to challenge myself to walk two times a day…before lunch and after lunch to see if it could help me feel better about sitting all day. I accomplished this goal by putting calendar reminders in my outlook calendar. If I wasn’t at my desk, I had my phone bugging me to walk. I picked a 5 minute route around my office and went.

Note: I always brought my cell phone (an iPhone) to catch up on e-mails or write down my notes and thoughts. It’s important to keep your productivity up!

Productivity increased!

  • Each time I went I took my phone and answered at least one email when walking
  • When I got back to my desk, I had accomplished three things off of my list in less time than I thought before lunch (I have proof of this if you would like but I figured you wouldn’t want to boring stuff!
  • I had a meeting with our CEO- he brought his iPad and we walked around the complex. Only problem…it was the first iPad so there was a glare BUT we got it all accomplished.
  • I made three personal phone calls that I hadn’t done because I can’t really talk at work (we work in an open space)
  • I took my water bottle and told myself I was going to finish it before I walked in

Creativity increased!

  • I have proof that I wrote things down after my walk on some of the items on. (Hint: Use your notes App on your phone or if you have a smart phone, try Microsoft One Note..a lifesaver for me!)
  • I literally thought things out. People probably thought I was nuts talking to myself (who doesn’t think I’m crazy)

I felt better! (This is pretty obvious, but getting away from that desk made me feel great and split up my day!) 

And finally…

On Friday afternoon at 3:47 PM, four of my teammates were spotted walking around the building as well.

This week’s challenge: Try it this week and let me know…I’m almost certain your managers would be okay with it if you show them what it did for me! Who’s with me? Let me know!  #walkworkchallenge

Happy Monday!

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