Dancing shoes= Burning Calories

Okay…I know half of my readers here want to know the REAL answer to this question:

How many calories do you burn dancing?

Well…after a weekend of dancing and celebrating one of our avid readers, Deandra ‘s birthday…I figured it was an important question after we danced the entire weekend off.

I researched a few places and this is what I found:

Livestrong says:

According to dietbites.com, for every 15 minutes of club dancing, a 105-pound person may burn 60 calories, 125-pound individual may burn 71 calories, a 150-pound individual may burn 86 calories and a 170-pound person may burn 97 calories. To calculate how many calories are burned in one hour, multiply the number of calories listed by four.

And then I searched Wiki Answers:

In one hour a women of 130 lb will burn 265 calories

And finally the calorie counter:

Calories burn dancing aerobic, ballet, tango, step dancing, polka, contra, country = 405 calories per hour

Slow dancing in ballroom, waltz, foxtrot = burn 207 calories per hour

Fast ballroom dances as swing, greek, middle eastern, hula, flamenco, belly dancing, and swing dancing = 378 calories burned per hour

Fast dancing in club or hip-hop burn = 465 calories per hour

Calories burned dancing at a club = 465 calories for an hour

 Hmm…interesting. Well I have to say I’m going to go with Livestrong, seems realistic.

So FYI…as you are drinking your beer or mixed drink socializing…hit the dance floor for some fun 🙂

Happy Birthday Deandra!

And Happy Tuesday everyone!


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