Why did you start?

Today is a day of motivation.

Everyone needs a little bit of motivation now and then. I assume this is why athletes have coaches (and of course because they are experts). Last night I had a lot of personal and professional work to do and a lot of preparation. It was not fun and it was pretty gloomy to know I had to go to the gym in between “work” in order to get my workout in.  I really thought about skipping.

Source: loseweight-safe.com via Erin on Pinterest

So true!

Things to think about today:

  • You are only one good workout away from a good mood
  • 5 minutes will turn into 5 more which will turn into 10 more…
  • I mean, come one…who doesn’t feel better after crossing things for YOU off of your list?

Here’s a quick way to get 20 minutes crossed off (which hopefully turns into 40!)

  • At a gym? Try the 15, 15, 10… 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes bike (or if you hate the bike try the stair master), 10 minutes running
  • Can’t get out of the house? Try the stairs…climb up the stairs and down for 30 seconds at a quick pace, rest for 10 seconds, 30 seconds squats, rest 10 seconds, 20 seconds up and down at a quick pace and repeat 20 times

Remember, getting your heart rate up in quick bursts will burn more calories! Try SPRINTING for 30 seconds and then 30 seconds off for a total of 10 times to burn 200 calories quick!

Above all, today I just want you to remember why you started. Whether it be a your to put your health first, starting a new job, starting a new endeavor, etc.  Let it motivate you to fight through those daily challenges today and fight them!

Good luck! Happy Wednesday!


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