Weekend Recap’s Run.

Happy Sunday night!

For those of us not watching the Bachelorette, I hope you are enjoying your wine and Sunday meals.

I am pretty excited to say that I ran 8.5 miles this weekend! Something I haven’t done in a WHILE! It felt great to just go. Like my grateful 3.5 miles before, my mind kind of moved forward recapping on why I love running.

I think that running is something anyone can do. Seriously. Every time I say it, the person rolls their eyes and say I’ll never be able to do that.  It’s hard to make that step (I can remember the first time I went out for a “run”) but I remember this and why I love running today.

Why I love running:

  • The running community – so friendly and “no judgement zones”
  • You really get to see the “outside” (I cannot tell you how many times I take advantage of this)
  • You achieve a goal every time. Just getting up and going is a good goal to achieve!
  • You can always be better
  • You can be you. (It’s your time to be you!)

To recap on my weekend runs…I definitely STRUGGLED on my Saturday run.  I decided the smart idea was to go out in the middle of the afternoon to run.  Luckily, I took my water bottle and used it more on my head then as a drink. Today’s run was HOT but both were finished, and I feel great about it. Goes to show that running can help make a day GREAT.

Have a good week everyone, remember that each day is a gift so use it to your advantage.


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