YOU…And the Decisions I’ve Made.

Personal Post warning…but I know that many of these readers just love to know what’s going on in my head 🙂 This post is about the big things that have been going on outside of Chocolate Covered Crunches. Why? Because you all deserve it 🙂

I can officially say that I have made some big decisions in the past month. Decisions, that for the first time, truly have affected me in the most personal ways. These decisions have thrown me off course but in the end…have made me HAPPY. Something that I haven’t put focus on.

Here’s my decision list and recaps:

I’m moving…yep. I’m moving within the same zip code, but it’s still very hectic, it’s only now when you realize how much STUFF you really have. What I’ve learned? I’ve been doing a little bit each day from my list of tasks I’ve created for myself…check it out below! It’s actually been very helpful and has made me focus on what I need to get done.

My List…been a lifesaver!

Regarding moving…this is something many people have been waiting for. I’m not moving from the Queen City! I’m taking charge and making the best of this city with new roommates, a new house and great friends. Key goals in the next few weeks are to join a running group, get into a cross fit program and meet at least 5 new people a week! 🙂

My New house…for renting of course!

I’m enjoying life. This sounds very cliche. Do not judge me for the things that I say here… because I am a firm believer that the minute I confronted the fact that I needed to fix something, enjoy life and just go with the punches, I stopped stressing and things started HAPPENING!. Between making key decisions on moving, finalizing my plans with my family and deciding to make me first in these decisions…I can say I’m exhausted but extremely happy. It goes to show you…when you focus on what you want and what you need you will make it happen.

Yes! Doing something for ME!
Having Fun!

And finally fitness related (to my fitness!) I’m SO SORE and TIRED but I keep on moving. Why?!?

Well..this is the one that is bothering me the most….I went for a run last night and it was almost unbearable.  My legs were tired, my body was tired…everything was tired. I didn’t even get a strength workout in because I couldn’t face it, which of course made me feel oh so guilty. BUT…I remembered that I’m focusing on me, I love running and went through it even with the soreness and exhaustion. Here’s my research on why I’m feeling this way:

1- I haven’t been stretching as much. It’s HOT…as you all know…make sure to stretch! It will help the lactic acid you build up to decrease quicker.

2- You aren’t running in a race or working out in the cross fit games. Slow down…catch your breath and then focus on completing.

3- Some days are just going to be bad days. Interesting fact…if you have a lot going on in your mind (aka: to-do lists, tons of tasks on your schedule) you aren’t going to have 100% focus on your workout. This is okay…there will be another day after all your to-do’s that you will have time to think about your workout. Face the fact and just finish. Refer back to number 2.

4- Remember…we are not all the Olympic Athletes at London. Focus on HEALTH first and foremost. If you are extremely tired, it’s okay to skip a workout. Just like going to bed early to refresh…sometimes those muscles of yours need a break too.

5- So tired? Limit your workout with goals. Ask yourself what you will be happy with and break it up into smaller bites. For me, I was breaking my run into location. “Make it to the bus stop, Now go to the bench.” Made life much easier.

Well…that’s it for now. Status: Happy, Charlotte, Learning and HEALTHY.

I have so many people to thank for their support. It is what has gotten me here today- happy and accomplished. Thank you to EVERYONE who in the past month have really helped me.

In conclusion…No matter what you are doing right now, you will be faced with a decision (either big or small). Just remember to focus on YOU and what YOU need to make you YOU. (Lots of YOU in there…) Sounds simple and easy…I know it’s difficult. But look around to the people who support you the most and let them tell you that YOU are important. Make priorities based on what you need to do to be successful. And remember…exercise and your health are priorities to make YOU the best YOU out there.

Happy Thursday! I’m very excited because I have wonderful friends coming in town to celebrate today and dance the night away with Train and Mat Kearney! Remember…dancing the night away can burn mucho calories!

Be well-and thank YOU for YOU!


2 thoughts on “YOU…And the Decisions I’ve Made.

  1. So lucky for you…our next run group starts next Tuesday July 31!! Can I expect to see as to cross something else off your list??


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