Learning how to dig as an Olympian

Ahh….what a weekend of moving but even better a weekend of Olympics!

This week I’m declaring it the Olympiad Week on Chocolate Covered Crunches because it only happens every 4 years (well…the summer ones of course).

First question to myself- how in the world do Misty May Trainer and Kerri Walsh stay in shape after all these years?? Seriously, they have been to THREE Olympic games now (count them..three), won two Gold Medals, both have children and husbands and are running for their third Gold! 

These two partners in crime, who beat Australia in the opening of the tournament (woohoo!) Shared their workout regimes in the past. But now as the years have passed, who isn’t intrigued to see how these moms, wives, sisters and athletes continue to fight for the gold?

Sheknows.com did an interview with Kerri about her lifestyle management with two boys and another professional athlete as her hubby. You can read the full interview here

Her workout: “On a daily basis I’m training on the beach for two to three hours. I do Pilates twice a week, a track workout once a week and I lift weights twice a week. On top of that, I do brain training called Neurotopia to help me deal better with stress and help me focus better.”

Nutrition: Her key to success is breakfast. (Something we can normally eat!) “I’ve been eating multi-grain Eggos with almond butter and agave (a natural sweetener) and honey, which gives me my grains, protein and fruit — everything you need to start off your day. ”

Good luck to Misty May and Kerri as they represent the USA! Go team!

Enjoy your Monday!


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