Michael Phelps, No limits

Okay…so late post because of a fun work event and seriously people, who hasn’t been watching the Olympics until 2AM every night?

This morning as I groggily got out of bed Michael Phelps was being interviewed about being the BEST Olympian of all time- a record 19 Olympic medals. I don’t care who you are…that is amazing.

Fitsugar did a cool segment today on their website with some of Michael’s best quotes. This one stood out to me.

I was curious to see what kind of workouts Phelps does. The Examiner interviewed Phelps  I’m assuming if you are ready to go for 19 medals…you may want to start now 🙂

Phelps swims 31 miles a week, lifts 4 times a week, “which includes doing pull-ups while wearing a 40-pound vest.” YIKES! Alot of his workout, according to Examiner, is plyometric push presses and box jumps!

Happy Workout! And congratulations to Michael Phelps, we’re so proud!

Have a good Wednesday!




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