An Olympic Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I’m sitting out on my front porch on this gorgeous morning drinking my Sunday morning coffee (yes…I name it)

This week has been quite a busy one!  As we recap on the past week as a whole, America has been entranced with the London and the Olympics.  It’s been fascinating for me to watch these athletes work SO hard for one goal that they ALL want.  Take for example, the young Russian gymnast who was absolutely devastated when she lost to Gabby Douglas.

I try to imagine myself working hours upon hours on a goal and then not achieving EXACTLY what you want. It can be (as we saw) tough to swallow.

But then you see the great achievements and the awesome stories. The team cammaderie, spirit and energy…it’s contagious.

With all of the stories and such an amazing stories, it definitely makes working out a bit easier knowing what they had to go through! So here’s to Sunday and the athletes representing our country and everywhere around the world. They are true heroes in my book no matter gold, bronze, silver or a ticket to London.

Congratulations to all the athletes and I hope those in London share the same feelings I have about these athletes!

So…if you have been entranced with the Olympics and haven’t been able to head to Chocolate Covered Crunches recently, here’s what you’ve missed:


  • Recap on our Water Challenge
  • Meet Blade…
  • How do these athletes train so much? The SMART Method
  • Getting my legs to be like Allison’s

And as I always say, complete disclosure, here are my workouts:

  • Monday= 3.5 miles in Noda!
  • Tuesday= No workout, networking event (I know!)
  • Wednesday= ROUGH run, only 20 minutes, 2 miles.
  • Thursday= Kick Butt Tabata Training and a 20 minute run (More this week on that adventure)
  • Friday= Another Tabata Training
  • Saturday= 3.5 miles and Ab workout
  • Sunday= Going for 5 today at Freedom Park, my motivation to go to the park…the Trader Joe’s right around the corner 🙂

Happy Sunday Everyone! Enjoy watching the Olympics!


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