The Water Challenge Recap

So…you thought I forgot to recap you all on the water challenge?

Two weeks ago, I asked all of the Chocolate Covered Crunches readers to participate in the water challenge. To see the rules, click here.

I have to say I was very surprised when everyone in my office (Stoneacre) joined the challenge including our CEO, Dave Hickson and COO Parrish who always order sweet teas and sodas at lunch. (Sorry guys..)

Well…I’m very happy to say that after the week of pressure from teammates, this last week was a “Carmen Sandiego” to see who continued on a daily basis to get their 64 ounces in.

All week I noticed people refilling their water bottles, making sure before they left for the day that they needed to finish the water bottle challenge!  It is showing that if you think about it and continue to make it part of your daily routine it will become a habit. And this one…is a very healthy habit to have!

I am honored to have such a wonderful team, family and friends who participated in this challenge! I even learned that Diann and Dave (readers) went out to the store and bought more water bottles for her entire family!

Check out some of the feedback:

@DaveHickson ” Hey @JamieCCCrunch it’s official. I’ve completed this week’s 64oz water challenge. Thanks for the #magiccup feels good”

@mattnewsom “@JamieCCCrunch Best run ever today. 14+ miles and felt great! Must be due to#Stoneacre water challenge! Let’s go!”

Message from reader EJ:

Ryan Caught in Action during his break:

So to summarize:

  • Using a water bottle and marking goals/timeframes to finish the water was an excellent idea because you realized how much you “needed” to finish
  • In a competitive environment, it was a great way to promote health.
  • Those who participated in the challenge felt more energetic and positive about the push to drink water.
  • Saw Matt’s comment? Working out with a body that is fully hydrated helps the workout because you have a fully functional body! Remember, water is critical to your normal day-to-day functions!

Congratulations to all those who have participated! Looking forward to seeing how the habits turn out positively! 🙂

Have you participated in the water challenge? How was it?

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