Okay to 5k, Now what?

One of the number one questions I receive: I hate running, why would I want to do that? How do you even start?

Running is not something you wake up and say, “Hey, I want to be a runner!” It is something you find after trying (like many things). With the running season coming up, there are TONS of runs form 5k’s to marathons scheduled. This IS the perfect time for you to try one. Even if you want to walk it, you’ve made a decision to go for a goal that doesn’t involve a couch 🙂

Here’s my tips on how to start running:

1- It’s not like you are going to just start running the day you decide to run. I highly recommend a walk run program or even the couch to 5k program. Don’t just go out running one day.

2- Sign up for a 5k. Like these lovely new 5k finishers and right from the SMART method itself. You need something to be measurable. Sign up for a 5k as your measurement AND your time-boxed goal. It gives you the finish line you need and a time frame.

3- Go get running shoes. It’s an investment well worth it. I remember when I decided to run my first 5k. I wore these Nike air shoes for 4 weeks and was feeling terrible in my knees. It was then I realized the beauty of a good running shoe. They have them for a reason and I promise will help make the running easier for you.

4- Tell someone you are signing up. You don’t have to tell the world but if you tell someone it leaves you accountable to finish.

5- Don’t eat pizza and cake every day but don’t follow nutritionists either. (Surprised I’m saying this?) You can’t deprive yourself of the things you love when you are trying to achieve a goal. Obviously, eating pizza and cake every day is not going to make running easier but creating a healthy lifestyle with some treats in between can help you obtain your goal.

6- Short shorts are not necessary but a good sports bra is. (This is for the ladies..sorry gents) Make another investment, buy a good sports bra. They will last you a long time and you will not be sorry. Your running, without one, will be inhibited because you’ll need to worry about balancing. Focus on the running not the jumping 🙂

7- Know you can do it. There are over 20,000 5k’s around the country with new people participating every year. 5k’s are becoming some of the most popular events around the country. You will finish and you will succeed, I promise.

If you need support, we’re here to help! Coming soon is a daily CCC 5k plan, for those who love chocolate but want a taste of that running bug 🙂

Good luck to all!


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