The Super Quick Easy OBX Vacation Workout

Happy Wednesday! Hump Day for many…and for me, another vacation day! (Sorry to rub it in for you!)

The Outerbanks has been amazing. Great food, family, friends and cocktails (and for those who are curious…don’t worry, my suitcase is hidden) Yesterday, Erin and I woke up and went for our loop run and went for a run and an interval workout. This workout gets all your basic muscles all in one. It’s quick and makes you feel like you

I think it’s perfect because we knew it would be over soon (squats are never easy to do no matter how fit you are) and we felt like we got a good workout in in limited time.

We started with a one mile run which was very entertaining because of our “find”. We went through a no trespassing area (shhh…) and found a great loop with turtles and lots of marsh.  Plus it’s nice to accomplish! It’s entertaining because it looks like the loop was just built for more housing and is shown by MapMyRun that it’s not on the mark.

Running in the Outerbanks is awesome. It’s got such beautiful views and it never fails you. And….it’s not hilly. (Hello steady streets!)

Here are some of the views during our run:

Our Interval workout was very simple:

1- Squats

2- Front Alternating Lunges

3- Pushups (I know..they aren’t my favorite)

4- Crunches

30 Seconds Work, 10 Seconds Rest- 3 times. And then you are done!

It just goes to show that it doesn’t take a long time to get some exercise in.  This workout was probably totaled in 25 minutes but was worthwhile. We felt like we weren’t “losing our wind” and even with being on vacation, we felt ten times better by getting a workout in (what exercise always does for you!)

Have you had a great vacation run?

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