The Gym Complex

Call this a rant and rave but I know there are others who feel the way I do. I call it the gym complex.

You walk into a gym and see the stereotypical weight lifters, experts, physical trainers, etc. and you immediately become intimidated, move right to the closest cardio machine and sit on it for the 30-45 minutes that you have planned to workout.

Maybe it’s just me… but it bothers me when I go in there and get intimidated. (Yes! I get intimidated when I get into the gym too!) I am a big fan of using body weight exercises (floor exercises) like jump squats, tricep dips, pushups, sit ups, etc. so I just need some space and small weights. Well, when I headed over to the free weight section I couldn’t get any room because the gym was so crowded.

Then I realized, I didn’t MAKE space for myself like the other people do= the gym complex. I have a gym complex. And it was bothering me.

I decided to ask a few people what they thought about the gym complex. I’m not the only one who suffers from time to time. I’ve learned the following:

  • Those gym o’holics…they aren’t worried about you, they are worried you’re going to take their weight.
  • The jiggle you think you have? Right..they are worried about their own jiggle too.
  • When you are in movement, so are they…therefore they can’t see the jiggle.
  • Just keep moving and focus on YOU. Hard to do, I know…but understand that those in the gym are focused on themselves too.

The point…don’t worry about your “jiggle” or how you look in the gym. Don’t worry about the guy grunting in the corner with muscles bulging out of his (or her) tank top.

I apologize if this rant is more for me than for you reading, however I always feel a reminder can help anyone!

Have a good day everyone!


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