Help! Motivation Needed.

Okay…I’m calling out for help.

So, to be honest, on vacation I did workout. But I ATE…a lot.

When I got back yesterday I was so tired I couldn’t workout (but I did blog about my vacation here) and now today I had to get back on the horse. My roommate and I were supposed to go running but with it pouring rain, I canceled on account that I absolutely hate soggy shoes. Which leads me to a constant battle in the morning of when I’ll get my workout in. (Does this happen to anyone else?!)

It led me to this thought on the way to work: I shouldn’t even work out since I have surgery next week.


I know…I was shocked myself to hear myself say it.

So…here’s how I got back on the horse and went for a workout during the day to make sure that I was motivated again:

1- I would drive myself crazy. If you get into a habit and you stop, you won’t be able to keep yourself maintained. Focus on just doing a little bit first and then you will finish.

2- A workout makes you feel better. Just tell yourself that you love the sore feeling.

3- You are a fitness fanatic. Tell yourself this…and you will soon believe it.

4- A workout makes you feel better. (I repeat this one)

5- Wouldn’t you rather be working out than sitting on the couch thinking about it and then feeling guilty when you don’t?

Needless to say, I had two wonderful coworkers head to the gym with me to get a quick 40 minute tabata workout in during lunch. It was GREAT and very motivating because I held myself accountable with them to be quick and efficient.

Here it is:

5 Minute Warm Up Jog

Tabata Workout

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. High Knee Jog
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Pushups

10 Tabatas (Each cycle is 20 seconds long with 10 seconds rest in between)

Cool Down: 3 Ab Burnouts (see it here)

So here’s my question to you all- how do you continue to be motivated day in and day out? Quotes, friends, inspirational stories, habits? I’m getting very nervous about being “out” again with an upcoming surgery that I’m planning (If you haven’t head about the first surgery that came VERY unexpectedly, click here) and I need to continue to stay motivated.

2 thoughts on “Help! Motivation Needed.

  1. Love the Tabata workouts! A couple days a week I like to switch up cardio and I do a roughly 35 minute Tabata. 10 minutes a crack 2 minute rest inbetween. 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Killer! 10 different workouts.

    Anyway, it is definitely tough to stay motivated when unable to workout or have unexpected breaks from the usual workout routine. I wrote an article awhile back about ‘getting back on the wagon’ 🙂 It discusses the time where we make poor choices but knowing that a new day is always right around the corner!

    Get those workouts in before the surgery and you’ll feel great!


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