The Ab Burnout

Do you remember when I mentioned on vacation that my best friend had me try a burnout? If not, click here. She threw me for a loop when she said, “Let’s do abs.”

Burn outs sound terrible but actually after you finish them you definitely feel the burn. Well worth it.

So here they are (with the beautiful scenery of the Outerbanks beaches).

I challenge you to try at least one set today just so you can feel the burn!

1. Legs Straight Down, Crunch Up (10 times)

2. Knees Up, Feet down, Crunch Up (10 times)

3. Knees Up, Feet up, Crunch Up (10 Times)

3. Legs Up, Crunch Up (10 times)

4. Legs Up, Reach for your toes! (10 Times)

All together:

7 thoughts on “The Ab Burnout

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