10 Reasons You Love and Know About Healthy

Thirsty Thursday! Happy Thursday! You’ve made it to Thursday!

Surgery was a success…and they threw me right into phyiscal therapy the next day so it’s been a few brutal days of work however I have been so appreciative of the love and support I’ve gotten from everyone. It’s been much easier to recover with it!

My roommate is a teacher and told me about an assignment she had her Creative Writing Students do today, it was 10 reasons for “something.” I figured it would be an interesting blog post or maybe it’s because I want to secretly want to go back to school. 🙂

I think these reasons are pretty solid including chocolate and beer!

10 Reasons You Love and know about “Healthy”

  1. You substitute the elevator for the stairs (if you don’t have to work on the 20th floor)
  2. You substitute french fries for vegetables
  3. You know that a milkshake is much worse than a McFlurry
  4. The simple 5 days at 30 minutes cardio routine is part of your schedule, no matter what.
  5. Always Drink a glass of water before a soda.
  6. You have (or are in the process of) eliminating soda from your diet
  7. You enjoy chocolate and don’t feel guilty eating a piece.
  8. You understand that fast food is something of convenience used for an inconvenient time (when you can’t make dine)
  9. You run (or workout) for beer
  10. You love being healthy, not skinny.

What are some of your things?

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