The Images of Walking for DNC 2012 and Yard Art Day

Happy Labor Day! (And Happy Yard Art Day!)

I moved to a new place called NoDa in Charlotte. It’s the Arts District of the city and it is great. I’m literally 200 feet from one of my favorite taco places (yes…tacos.) and I have the best neighbors and GREAT roommates.

Due to my oh so wonderful injury, I’m out again for the repair I had done on Monday. (This WILL be the last time I’m out for a thumb!) And hopefully be back to train again in 3 weeks. However…it drives me absolutely insane just sitting and not getting my exercise in (for the exception of #SQUATSEPT) and then after starting to go insane I just read in a book that I’m reviewing that walking is essential even with the 30 hard anaerobic minutes we do five times a week in our exercise plans. (The author, after quitting her job, gained 8 pounds in a year just because she wasn’t walking to work every day.)

So…I decided that Saturday since I was not able to aggressively get up and work out, I would go ahead and walk it out through Noda and Sunday I would walk at the DNC (with my hand as taped up and close to be as possible).

I had a great walking experience, I think we forget how much fun it can be. So without furtherado, my walking adventures for Yard Art Day and the DNC! Yay Charlotte!!

Walking around Noda:

And finally…we went to the DNC yesterday! It was unbelievable! Charlotte looks like a different city, in such a great way! There were TONS of security (made us feel safe and at times awkward, like we weren’t supposed to be there) BUT we saw so many passionate people and people just EXCITED about Charlotte and the DNC. They really transformed the city to incorporate this convention. We walked ALOT and saw a famous person too!

An 18 Foot Sand Sculpture!
Yes, after a few guesses as he walked closer, that’s Jesse Jackson!

The question to you is…have you got out and walked recently? Sometimes I think we put so much pressure on exercise and do not realize walking (at a brisk pace) is great exercise! Walking has such great benefits, here’s some great reminders from

  1. It deflects diabetes, heart disease and stroke (Do you need 4 more reasons?)
  2. Boosts your metabolism
  3. Gives you energy
  4. Keeps you going (in reflection of number 3)
  5. Keeps you smart! (Interesting from –> “Physical activity nourishes brain tissue and stimulates its production of neurons, synapses, and blood vessels. Some studies have found that walking can counter faltering memories in people over age 50.”

So..if it’s your day off today, go for a walk! These five reasons are definite reasons why you have NO other reason not to!

Happy Labor Day, Proud to be an American today!


5 thoughts on “The Images of Walking for DNC 2012 and Yard Art Day

  1. ahhh! I’ve tried like ten times to leave a comment! Lol. anyway, we were in Noda last night and ate at that cajun place.. delicious!! Wish i’d known you were there, would have looked for you!! hope the surgery goes great today. we’re going to carolina fest. I’m here all week though if you have time for a coffee and are feeling recovered! too bad we cant go for a run! Good luck today! Oh, ignore my profile thing, i can’t figure out how to change it.. my email should be here somewhere, but my blog is we were just in tampa for the gop convention and now are here for this one.


    1. Thanks for the comment!! So excited you loved Noda, everything is great here. And lucky you getting both the DNC and RNC! You have seen both spectrums. I hope you are enjoying Charlotte!!! We should definitely grab coffee and I LOVE your blog! Such fun!
      Happy Labor Day! !


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