Happy VMA Day!

There are only three words for you my friends….Happy VMA Day!

Okay, so your next question? What is VMA Day?

VMA Day is MTV’s Video Music Awards. Its a live awards show, that since a kid, I swore I would produce one day.

Well…since I’m not in Los Angeles and the producer for the VMA’s I consider it  my cheat day and the most fun of the year because it’s one of my holidays. Yes, holidays. I have four unofficial holidays:

1- Superbowl (Every American’s holiday)

2- St. Patrick’s Day (My family is Irish and this can be verified)

3- Christmas (yes..but it’s a great time now that I live away from home)

4- VMA Day.

You have to love the VMA’s and the great moments they once had including Adele singing her heart out, Britney with the snake in Slave for You.. how about Nsync?!

No matter who you are…I know that you have watched them before and can understand where I’m coming from 🙂

So since I was a kid I always watched the VMA’s. It was something I always did and then I started to have friends over and my mom would make pizza dip. Then I went to college and I had my friends and roommates (forced them) to sit and watch it with me…I bribed them with snacks. (I now realize I have officially turned into my mother and provide food at all occasions I host) Well..this year because of my surgery I’m not able to cook my cream cheese bites, make my ranch dip and the carrots and cucumbers I try every year for my friend Eric to eat so I’m not hosting my VMA day party like I usually do (this year was supposed to be themed) but it doesn’t mean I’m not excited.

So call this a personal post (or embarrassing post) but Happy VMA Day to you. I think that everyone should have a great holiday to themselves whether you call it Me Day or a family reunion day, etc. It all counts as your holiday and a day to celebrate happiness, life and get togethers. Even if VMA day doesn’t even include some of my favorite music artists now (some of the scheduled performances I don’t even know their names) it’s still a memory and a time where I get to be me.

Performers for tonights show:

  • Rihanna
  • Taylor Swift
  • Pink
  • Green Day
  • Alicia Keys
  • One Direction


  • The Fab Five USA Gymnast Team
  • Andy Samberg
  • Ke$ha
  • Miley Cyrus
  • The Wanted

Who am I excited for?

  • Alicia Keys (I love that woman)
  • Rihanna
  • Talyor Swift
  • Green Day

Yea…not many things I’m excited for. Either this means I’m getting old or they didn’t hire a great Producer for the show…(cough cough) 🙂

And for my marketing friends, make sure to watch the award for Most Share-worthy Video, voted by the amount of hash tags they use within Twitter. What an interesting way to incorporate social media.

I apologize if this is not fitness related (it’s more fun and shows that I do have a chocolate covered life)! For the fitness wrap up, here’s a gentle reminder for SQUAT SEPTEMBER- I’m up to 80 squats!

And just for fun…here’s some memories:

Source: via Vincent on Pinterest

Source: people.com via Rilla on Pinterest

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