Friday Fun and Faves

Happy Friday!!!

In the spirit of the first weekend in September, it’s time for some Friday Fun and Fun things I’ve been seeing and doing.

So…here we go:

#1- Hands down…The VMA’s this week! 

I had a successful VMA celebration. Although small this year, I will make it up to all my friends when I can really cook for everyone!

My Nail Polish (Getting Fancy) and definitely worth the splurge. I endorse nail polish because it’s one of my personal pick me ups! I got this bottle at Target for $7.00 and I swear it only needed one coat and looked like it was professionally done!

Giving Thumbs Up! It’s getting there!

This Quote:

Michelle inspirational woman!


Stairs…I took them at PT today and smiled. I chose health. Did you?

Source: via Stacey on Pinterest


And You… Thank you for an amazing two weeks of Chocolate Covered Crunches! Top posts,  most comments, likes, tweets, support. It is an honor to be blogging to you. Nothing less.

Happy Friday.

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