Sunday Recaps!

Happy Sunday!!!

It is a very happy Sunday indeed! First and foremost, congratulations to one of our dedicated readers and Coach, Matt Newsom. Matt finished with his team Rerun in the Blue Ridge Relay on Saturday morning! From his post on Facebook after his last run he ran a few PR’s and had a great time. We are so proud!

The Blue Ridge Relay “the 208 Mile Blue Ridge Relay, which is one of the longest running relay races in the United States, takes place in the picturesque Blue Ridge and Black Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. The BRR208 consists of maximum 12 person (4 person minimum) teams that rotate through 36 transition areas as they cover the 208-mile distance of the race.”

WOW…great accomplish!

In the Queen City here….it is the first “feel-like-fall” day and the first Sunday of Football (officially)! I am definitely enjoying the day and  I think Phin is too!

So here’s what you’ve missed:

New things coming up…

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Enjoy your Sunday!

Go Eagles!


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