Keep Going.

Hello and Happy Monday!

I’m so excited because I went for a run this weekend! Ahhhh….I think everyone around me will be glad to hear this as well. Don’t worry mom…I’m not running without my Forest Gump Brace 🙂

Slow and steady wins the race right? It felt great to get out there and just take it one step at a time.

It reminds me that every step is important and worth it. Whether it be walking, running, cycling, swimming…you are MOVING. So keep going, move forward tell yourself to go. The hardest part for me is getting ME to keep going especially after losing some of my “wind.”


  • If you are stuck on a project at work, MOVE.
  • If you wake up an extra few minutes..don’t forget about #SQUATSEPT
  • If you get home and feel sluggish, just take 5 minutes to walk and see how you feel.

Just remember…keep going. That’s what I’m telling myself this morning.

Here are a few reminders via pinterest:





Just keep going.

Happy Monday,


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