Mental Fitness

Hello! Thursday! One more day until Friday! Remember…keep going. That’s really what I have been telling myself this week!

I have something fun and awesome for you. Our first guest post and contributing writer. I’ve been really determined to get some great content and more information from others who can relate to Chocolate Covered Crunches and after a bit of nagging my best friend Erin has decided to join the fun.

Erin was a Division 1 women’s basketball athlete and is now working in the industry she loves. Going from on the court (more than 4 hours of intense anaerobic exercise and training every day) to off the court has been a change for her.  She’ll be posting with different tips and tricks as well as just getting by (like us all).



Thank you Erin…and without further ado..

Mental Fitness

Fitness: the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor. I think it is important to know the definition of fitness because we as “fitness junkies” tend to only focus on half of what truly makes us fit. Think about it…without your mind being fit, how can your body be fit?

The mind is a powerful thing, I am sure we are all aware of this. You’ve all seen A Beautiful Mind and heard that “it’s 10% physical and 90% mental” and “mind over matter” and on and on but what does that mean? I believe mental fitness is the ability to be self-determined, as a former D1 athlete I know what it is like to physically give everything you have, but in order to always have the mindset that there is more within me,  more I could do, more I could give, was mental. I was highly influenced by my surroundings and competitive personality to become mentally strong, but what about those who are not in the same type of atmosphere? What if, like our dear Jamie, you just decide one day to improve your life and make a change? How will you train your mind? 

How much can you take? Can you handle your trainer or boss criticizing you while at the gym or at work? Can you see past the offense you may take to some of their words and understand that they are testing you mentally and getting a grasp of what you are willing to take in from their analysis? Does this inspire you to press on or shut you down?

How much can you give? A lot of people think that they work hard. Be brutally honest with yourself, what did you accomplish today? Did you do it to the BEST of your ability? What else can you do to get better, give more?  You might find yourself wanting to challenge yourself a little bit more the next day. My coach once told me, “if you are not uncomfortable you are not growing, you are not getting better.” It’s the uncomfortable that forces you mentally into a new area of development; this is how you overcome challenges, fear, and those moments you THINK you’ve given all you have.

 What motivates you? When you are exhausted after work or don’t want to get out of bed but today is workout day, do you get up? If not…why? Competitiveness was my driving factor; I was challenged by those around me to be better. I was also a part of a team, so I was motivated to do my part because I loved my team, I would have done anything if WE would have benefited from it. I find it much harder to be self-motivated now that I am no longer a part of a team and have a huge respect for those who have never experienced the love of a team to encourage them and motivate themselves on a daily basis. It’s the hardest aspect of being mental tough–SELF MOTIVATION.

Take a second to think this through; all of these internal questions have to do with the strength of mind. The mind will always be the hardest muscle to train and really the only way to do it is to think. Compete with yourself. Give yourself more. Look at others and be inspired, get uncomfortable and see how truly mentally fit you can be.

I promise, when your mind is strong, your body can accomplish any and all goals you set for it.

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