Friday Inspired

Ah…It’s Friday.

Things this week:

1- I have had chocolate every day.

2- It’s definitely feeling like Fall.

3- I found a few great things this week all very inspirational and great ideas that I’m so excited to share with you.

This week has been fast but also very interesting. Yesterday I couldn’t get out of my negative energy.  You may laugh at negative energy…I know it makes me sound like Yoda. BUT, I called her explained what was going on and she just said, “you need to bring in the positive in order for positive to work for you.”  Makes sense? Really smart, just to find the positive. Hmm…

It’s hard to say that I was so negative. I don’t want you to think I walk around sulking all day. It’s just been a “tough tough tough” week. So…I went searching (as you see in number 3) and found some really inspirational things after talking to my support. Just know, that it’s hard to stay positive all the time, you would be a machine if that were possible, and you aren’t crazy for feeling so negative/failure/terrible/can’t do anything, etc. (The list can go on and on)


My recommendations when things get so negative and you can’t keep up?

  • Call your support. Whoever it is will completely understand that you just need to get that negative out!
  • Find something positive. If you can’t, hunt the internet. I promise you, you’ll find something.

It’s shocking the humanity in people to do something unbelievable. These people have truly made a difference in people’s lives. I think that all of us Chocolate Covered Crunches readers can attest to this after hearing what they’ve done.

Kiva– Loans that change lives. Kiva is a non-profit that distributes loans to those in third world countries who need assistance to help their business grow, help to build housing or education. This website is enlightening and is also very impressive. It’s a great sight to see when there are so many donations going into the causes requested. I recommend surfing around! 

This article is one of the most compassionate I’ve read. The Kalamazoo, Michigan Promise. A city in Michigan literally diminishing because of the economy was boosted because of the Promise. An anonymous donor fund that promises all kids who graduate from high school will have their tuition paid for. WOW. This Promise has now also grabbed the attention of other school districts in the United States to create this initiative in their own cities. This is definitely an article you do not want to skip. Read it here. 

Man in the Red Bandana- Okay..I warn you about this one. It’s a story about a hero during September 11th that a friend sent to me. It made me tear up instantly. The story shows the courage and compassion this young man had for humanity. This young man saved at least 10 lives on September 11th and lost his own as he went back up the tower to save others.  It is a story of compassion and courage and worth every second of your time. You will appreciate your life and be inspired to do good things. Just make sure to have the tissues.

And it wouldn’t be a Friday without some great inspiration to keep you positive.

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest






Oh..and Happy Friday 🙂

Keep out the negative!!


2 thoughts on “Friday Inspired

  1. I love this post….I am a big believer in staying positive and optimistic. I believe you are just wasting energy on having negative thoughts and no one likes to be around a “negative nancy” haha….thanks again for you post its nice to see that I am not the only one who feels this way 🙂


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