A stressful day.

Ahh…Happy Tuesday!

I apologize because sometimes my blogs are very personal and about what I’m feeling that day. I think that day is today. BUT I will have a disclaimer here..I do think that there probably is someone out there feeling the same way….


I think that after a few good weeks its only natural for you to immediately go back to STRESSED. I mean, look at our culture. We are constantly stuck to our phones, sitting at work typing away, scheduling family and friends, events and plans and not taking the time to just BREATHE.

Honestly. I did it today. I literally was so swamped with work and personal things that I couldn’t take a minute to just appreciate even after reading over and over again about Teal Diva Founder Shannon!

Today’s post is just a reminder…we try and fit everything in (me included) work, school, fitness, fun, social, life, people, family, etc. that we need to remember to RELAX sometimes and realize…it will all be okay. Appreciate the good day you have. That’s what I’m doing today.

Oh and try these ten things I found on Pinterest (and some other fun things), I did (Yes…Shake it Off by Mariah Carey was my tune) and I feel ten times better….

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