So you think a Half Marathon in 4 weeks is a good idea?

So…I think I’m crazy.

I got a text message today from my motivating cousin that said:



Well…as you know from my blogger mistakes, I’m accidentally posted that I was running the Philadelphia Half Marathon before it was supposed to be published. Then…I learned that the race was full (and there’s no way I’m ready for a full marathon) so needless to say, I was getting a bit upset about missing the marathon season because of a thumb injury. I mean come on…

So we rewind back to this text message.

There’s a half marathon in Atlantic City on October 25. 4 weeks from now.

Well..we decided to run last night (I swear there was no wine). And then I started doing some research. It sounds like everyone agrees (veteran runners) that training for 4 weeks is not a good idea. Now..I know I know, you’re saying, just get over it Jame! Train next season. BUT…It’s my cousin and I would love to run with him to the finish line. And…I think there’s a few things I think about:



So here’s where I need opinions! Am I absolutely crazy for thinking I can do this? After a quick google search I’ve found that I am.

Training from scratch (even if you’re in good shape) will take ~ 6 months.
Please do not attempt this. You will injure yourself, possibly long-term.
posted by j at 11:44 AM on May 4, 2006″

“A friend of mine did a November marathon the year of our graduation with only 3 weeks of training. He had hip/knee pains for 6-12 months afterwards. He also wasn’t just “pretty athletic”. He did cross country/track all high school and he was running miles in the low 4’s (like 4 minutes 15 seconds) up to 6 months before the marathon.
I’d say you can do it but you’re going to pay for it for a long time afterwards.
posted by sideshow at 12:21 PM on May 4, 2006″


So here’s what I’ve been doing:

Week 1= 2-3 Miles every other day

Week 2= 3 Miles every other day

Week 3 (current)= Race, 4 Miles, 4 Miles (best 4 yet!), 4 miles

And I leave this to you wonderful people. I know it’s crazy and there are injuries to think of which I’m taking very seriously. What are your thoughts? Have you ever wanted to do something like this? Have you? Have you completed a half marathon?

As always, everything is always fun. So I want to make sure I keep the fun in it!

Have a great day! Thanks for visiting and voting 🙂

Ps: Don’t forget…Be grateful, my three grateful things:

  • Mapmyrun app
  • My mom
  • E-mail (It’s so much better than phone calls)

5 thoughts on “So you think a Half Marathon in 4 weeks is a good idea?

  1. I have done 2 half marathons so for and I am about to do my 3rd on Oct. 6. I think you should try out a long run this week of 7 miles and see how you feel from there. If you feel fine afterwards then I think you should go for it. And I do not think your crazy. haha Good Luck!


  2. The longest run I did before my half was 7 miles. The first seven miles of the race were fine.. i ran a bit slower cause i knew i hadnt trained. I finished the race at a mosey pace and felt fine afterwards. What I learned… its hard to train in the summer.. but I can do anything. Just run when you can and walk when you need to. I have faith in you Jama:)


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