Good Ol’ 200.

So today is my 200th post. Can you believe it? I can’t… I wanted to something to celebrate and as I was reflecting this morning on what to say on my 200th post, I figured…200 posts means I must know and have learned something.

So here it goes…

What I know:

  • I love to make people smile and even better make them realize they can do it.
  • I’ve gotten at least 4 people to sign up for a 5k and have evidence they didn’t fail, they finished!
  • I’m so proud of Chocolate Covered Crunches, I love it almost as much as I love Phin.
  • I am obsessed with finding more ways to make CCC better and find more people to read it.
  • I feel more connected to my family and friends with CCC, I feel like they would say the same.
  • I’ve become a better cook (I think so) with reason for CCC.
  • I’m not going anywhere 🙂

What I’ve learned:

  • Pinterest hasn’t worked for me in regards to increased views, but it sure is my lifeline and productivity in regards to content.
  • Google Adwords…enough said.
  • Third most successful keyword to attract traffic to my blog- Michael Phelps
  • There are people who have used in searches “old man no leg” and found my blog.
  • There is also a search that was for “chocolate covered running + beer”
  • I’m also determined to find the person who searched “chocolate covered crunches blogger + dating” (My date of choice is a a sushi night at Neko’s…FYI.)
  • 50% of people open our daily motivational quote email a day. That means at least 15 people have a pep in their step (or at least I hope so)
  • If there is a guy you are interested in and you’re nervous about him knowing about your blog, ditch him. If he does, he’s worth it.
  • Getting your friends involved gets you more views period and makes them feel good. Do more of it.
  • Take suggestions from your family and friends and mention them. Suddenly, views upon views upon views.
  • A team environment is the best recruiting strategy for blogging adventures (Thanks Stoneacre team)
  • Just be real. As a blogger…just tell it like it is. (Hence the next lesson)
  • Tweet Deck is how I schedule my tweets and it’s awesome.
  • People love headlines like mistakes and accidents (thanks guys :))
  • Be better, strive to get better and think better.

The biggest lesson:

People are amazing. People are compassionate, generous and truly awesome. Since you are part of “people,” this means the same thing for YOU. Don’t let people take you down. Do things for the better of YOU and YOUR LIFE. Those people that are criticizing do not realize that a person who takes care of themselves will achieve more, do more, be more and be THEMSELVES better than anyone else.

Happy 200!


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