A Stronger Teenager than Many of Us.

Happy Friday!!!

Ah. What a wonderful week with lots of running and working.

I wanted to share with you something I saw on the Today show this week that made my head turn. It was a story I just couldn’t stop thinking about.

Meet Whitney Kropp

Whitney was nominated to the Homecoming court at her highscool, Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, Michigan. Whitney is a sophomore and said to NBC news that she did not think she was part of the popular group. NBC reported the following, “But she was soon humiliated when she learned Sept. 13 that her selection to the homecoming court had been part of a prank by other students. She said students pointed at her in the hallways and laughed, and the boy who was picked with her withdrew.

What made matters worse was Facebook. Whitney was being virtually bullied online when she got home from all of the ridicule at school. After all of the humiliation, Whitney is going to the dance tomorrow night as part of homecoming court also. The local town has donated a dress, tiara, dinner, transportation and even a hair appointment.

It’s amazing to see how a community can rally together in spirit of what Whitney is doing to show she is stronger than bullying. To show your support, click here to like Whitney’s Facebook Page. A page that grew from 4,000 likes to over 96,000 likes this week.

This is just a reminder of what strength we have as individuals. Whitney is a true example of this and is now bringing much more needed awareness to bullying. So whenever you are dealing with something very difficult, try to remember Whitney. Try to overcome  like Whitney did and beat it, whatever it is, the right way.

To read more about Whitney, please click here.

To support Whitney and Anti-Bullying Like Her Facebook Page here.

For more information on Bullying, please click here.

Make it a good day! And best of luck to Whitney! You go girl! 


My Grateful things:

– My Friends!

– My Aunts, they are the best

– Nicholas Sparks 🙂

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