The Bad Day.

The definition of yesterday= the bad day. And you know me…I went right to Google to find out how to fix it.  But how to overcome?

First things first…a bit of entertainment:

  • Allergies. Man voice is coming…scratchy throat. No fun.
  • I woke up late. This I absolutely dislike. Especially since I was supposed to exercise.
  • I had a terrible PT appointment. Even my Physical Therapist told me that I should head back to bed at the rate my thumb was moving. (Yes…as a reminder I do have physical therapy on my thumb)
  • I came home and had to leave for a lunch meeting when it was pouring.
  • Lunch meeting was good but you know that feeling when you think you talked too much? Yea..that’s how I felt.
  • The next few hours of work were endless. I couldn’t get anything right and nothing completed
  • Went for a run…it turned out to be one of the worst I’ve had. (Runners can understand me on this one!)
  • And for the finale- as I was making my spaghetti squash I felt a brush on my foot, thought it was Phin and looked down to see a cockroach. AH!!!

Yes…all of these things are minor (for the exception of cockroaches). When they added up, it was no fun.  I do recognize that things could be worse but I literally was punishing myself for not having a good day and not improving on it. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

Okay…so here’s what I’ve learned about managing your bad day efficiently:

  • You’re always going to have a bad day one day.
  • When you have a bad day recognize it and try to work it out. Do something that you love. (I.E. I ran to the Bodega to get ice cream.)
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Take a deep breath and remember that things could be worse. Literally.
  • Then eat some ice cream (or the sweet of your choice)
  • Call your best friend, talk to her, tell her you need a 5 second vent and turn it into 10 minutes.
  • Buy shoes. (Yes…I did. My second pair of Toms!)


  • Act like you are suffering the plague
  • Think you’ll never get through it
  • Try and force yourself to continue doing something that may entirely be impossible to accomplish for the day
  • Sleep the day away
  • Drink lots of things other than H20
  • Call your parents and complain
  • Go into your boss and tell them that you are fed up with them.

The moral of the story is:

  • Everyone has bad days
  • Don’t do any of the don’t’s on this list
  • Acknowledge the day, try to be positive by looking at tomorrow


Source: via Elvin on Pinterest


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