Thursday’s Lessons

Ahh..Thursday! Grey’s Anatomy, Wine and Ice cream night 🙂 (Yes…remember I promote a healthy lifestyle AND chocolate!)

Went for a 6 mile run yesterday and felt great. It wasn’t just about the 6 miles and “accomplished it;” it was because I made a commitment to my schedule to fit it in.  Fitting in the exercise not only helped with peace of mind, it was something I looked forward to. It’s all about putting it in your schedule. Whether it’s ten minutes of walking up stairs or a 40 minute workout at the gym, scheduling and COMMITING is imperative.

I read an article (Via Lifehacker) about why we get so stressed at work and it related to the fact that even working more hours than your eight a day actually decreases your productivity and your overall moral. Decrease your moral= not healthy. I am wholly convinced that because I scheduled my run into my schedule I knew I was a better employee, friend, roommate and person to myself. I really recommend reading the full article here.

Having scheduled my run and being productive at work, I was able to “internet” it up last night! I love the internet. Who doesn’t?

I think with our generation there are so many things that we can take advantage of. My favorite part of the internet is the things I’ve learned. Some fitness related, some health related, some fun. Happy Thursday! This is what I’ve found:

  • If you’re having problems with your eyeliner pencil, put it into the freezer for 15 minutes. (From Learnvest)
  • Silly Puddy can be removed from a garnet by putting into the freezer and then cleaning it. (I am a endorser of this!)
  • When you make things competitive (The Water Challenge) you can complete it.
  • The things to buy in October are jeans, cooking ware, air conditioners, gas grills, Broadway Tickets and health insurance (Via Lifehacker)
  • There’s an awesome program for young women to advocate IT related careers at a young age, solely for women. AWESOME!
  • Coffee helps life expectancy
  • So does our Chocolate Covered Crunches Quote of the Day Program 🙂

Still Trying to Figure out:

  •  Who will take care of the 6 inch spider on my porch?
  • Did Alicia Keys write the song Girl on Fire for Katniss?
  • Speaking of Katniss, when is number two coming out?

Happy Thursday Everyone! Get your 20 minutes in, whether it’s walking, jogging, swimming, climbing…just MOVE!


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