Friday’s Fives

Ahhh… Finally Friday!!! TGIF!

Hoping your plans are going to be fun and eventful!

While thinking about what to blog about this morning, I decided that there was more than five things I wanted to touch on…so I “combo-ed” it 🙂 Our team is getting ready for the Komen run and we’re planning our tailgating festivities. Very excited to be representing such an important cause.

The coolest thing I’ve seen this week has been the Pink skyline we have uptown. It will be even more fun tomorrow morning to see everyone’s costumes.

Here are the Friday Fives! Music, Confidence and Exercise all a great combo for a great day!

Friday’s Five Music Selections

Okay…one of our CCC readers said to me yesterday, there is just too much new music out! SO TRUE! My Spotify playlist has been running on repeat. Here are my favorites right now:

  • Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire (With Nicki Minaj)
  • Christina Augilera- Love Your Body (Don’t judge, I will be a Christina fan forever)
  • The Script!! 🙂 – Hall of Fame (With Will I.Am.)
  • Lifehouse (Yes…they are back!) – Between the Raindrops (with Natasha Bedingfield)
  • Imagine Dragons- Radioactive (TRY IT!)

Five Postures to build your Confidence

Found this Article on Lifehacker about how to build confidence through posture! Really? It is interesting to read. Between music, exercise and confidence boosters what else do you need? To read the full article, click here.

  • Stand or Sit up Straight
  • Arms Outstretched – I’ve done this one in Costa Rica when I was studying abroad. I realize that doing this in the office may not help, but you could do it standing on your bed in the morning?
  • Clenched Fists, Raised Hands
  • Lean Forward (Done in Activity or While Listening to someone)
  • Hug– I can’t believe this one is in here. I have a coworker who continues to try to hug me constantly. Unfortunately, this proves that he is correct. 🙂

Friday’s Favorite Exercises- Warm up for a Race

Tomorrow is the Susan G. Komen Race and we’re ramping up our team! Here’s five exercises to get you warmed up for a race:

  • Squats- Light squats to warm up your legs before a race are great. Just make sure to stretch and lightly squat, knees behind the toes!
  • Pushups–  I do ten pushups before I leave the house for a race. This is more mental than anything else but it makes me feel great. And yes…I do feel like Rocky.
  • Calf Raises– Just a few..again good to warm up the legs
  • Windmills– Wind mills are easy, extend your arms out and move them around your body like a windmill. Perfect.
  • One Legged Squats– Again…just a few, but great for balance and waking up those quads. Make sure the knee is behind the toe, and don’t squat to your maximum, remember it’s a warmup!

Happy Friday!


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