We Raced for the Cure #TeamStoneacre

Happy Monday!!

This weekend was a great one.  I hope yours were as well! I’m not sure where you are located when reading this, but I can tell you the weather has been up and down (Saturday it was 85 and Sunday it was 60!)

No matter, Saturday morning was a BEAUTIFUL race day! Early start time for Team Stoneacre but great turn out and great energy. We had some bumps in the road in regards to parking and planning because of a misbehaved parking garage BUT we all got to the start line and ran very well. I am very proud of all of our team!

After the race our team and our wonderful cheerleaders headed to the parking lot to tailgate and celebrate our run. The  biggest surprise? Blueberry and banana pancakes made by our own griller Cam! I have to say not being a big pancake fan myself, grilled pancakes by Cam are first rate.

Thank you to our team’s participants this year!

The Newsom’s, The Lawler’s, The McIntyre’s, Tracey Brady (and Coach Jim Brady), Deandra Danch, Jen Elwood, David Scism, Heather Izer, Nick David

I want to personally thank our dedicated cheerleaders for this event as well:

  • Mary Kay Chandler
  • Amanda Diveglio
  • Anthony Magazu (known as the hugger in this post)
  • Chris Ball
  • Jim Brady
  • Bobby (I’m sorry I don’t know your last name! :()

All in all, the race was great. Lots of fun and everyone’s faces afterwards were not of anger but of happiness and accomplishment- it was awesome to see it! I cannot stop talking about how fun and great it was!

And finally…. BIG Congratulations to our team member Tracey Brady who placed 1st in her division!!! 

And without further ado…my race review.

So here’s my race review. I do understand that races do have ups and downs for sure but unfortunately this race had some “ugly” points to it. I’m sorry Komen team! You did a great job, but there’s always room for improvement!

View from the Start!

The good, the bad, the ugly:

The good: 

  • Lots of sponsors
  • Free Parking
  • Great costumes and awesome participants!
  • Great Route! (Ten times better than what I thought it was going to be like!)
  • All blocked off/good markings

The Bad: (Again, I feel bad..but always room for improvement!)

  • Packet Pick up (What’s up no Chick Fila?) This year they had a great idea about packet pick up. To incentivize people to pick up early you received a chick fila sandwich
    (great idea!) but to no avail..there were no sandwiches for team pick up.
  • Not that many volunteers/cheerleaders (Although our team had many! Go Team!)
  • Confusing Start Location (No one knew where to go)
  • Start line should have Racers and Non-competitive lines in the competitive race (Some people enter the non-competitive (me) to make sure they can run the entire time in these large races. With the amount of people, I wish there was some categorization on types of runners)

The Ugly: 

  • No water at the end!  (YES! Can you believe it? You had to go up about 500 feet to get to a self use water station
  • No lines at the end! When you crossed, you crossed into the crowd, this was not efficient and very tough with those really racing.

All in all a great event. It always reminds me that with one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer, this race is not only important, it’s imperative to race for the cure. Therefore, wear pink today, be aware and know how to check for signs of breast cancer and remember that men can get this disease too!

And remember….

Source: polyvore.com via Diah on Pinterest

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