Reliving College with a 5K and Liquor

Hmm…interesting title right?

So remember when I ran the Purple Stride 5k for Pancreatic Cancer? Well…there’s a back story I didn’t tell you about. Just remember that I am in my 20’s 🙂

My very good friend from college, Traci, came into town for the weekend. She was only planning on staying one day but with all the fun she turned it into two!

So…you all know how this works. You get to relive your college years for a weekend. YES! Fun! The good ol’ days. But…we all know what happens in college, which usually when reliving these college days, makes it not so pretty the next morning! 🙂

My wonderful friends joined the Mary’s Marathoners team (our team) for the inaugural Purple Stride 5k in Charlotte, NC this past Saturday. (You can read the full post here on the Purple Stride) and my friend Traci was joining us for the event. Well…after a party with Traci we decided to get a drink afterwards knowing that we were going to be up early running the next morning. Well, we were having so much fun, it was great to catch up and we kept laughing and laughing…and then the decision came- do we have a second drink?

Okay, so I was reading this book called “Surviving your 20’s with Savvy and Style” a few weeks ago. I laughed because it explains it very simply (for those of you in your 20’s you know what I mean):

1- Go to work

2- Figure out when you’re going to work out

3- Figure out what you are going to wear going out

4- Squeeze in the work out that limits your time to get ready to go out.

5- go out and have anxiety if you didn’t get your work out in.

I know…there are many people out there who know what I mean. And this is what happened when Traci and I decided to go live it up the night before the race. It was at this moment when we ordered a second drink that I had to make a decision on if I was going to live it up and have anxiety about the race or go home and prepare for the race.

Here’s the hardest thing about fitness and one of the ultimate reasons why I created Chocolate Covered Crunches. It takes A LOT of hard work to keep up with your health, especially in the climate we live in where convenience is at our fingertips. But there also comes a time where you need to remember to LIVE. And that’s what we did on Friday night 🙂

As you know, we did complete and run the full 5k the next morning (not as gracefully as expected) BUT I truly believe that I did it because I felt happy and fulfilled. I got to have a great time with one of my best friends who I do not see often!

So…lesson learned- LIVE. But LIVE healthy. If you are put in a situation like this and know that most of the time you are healthy and striving for something, LIVE. If it’s a goal you have been working towards for a long time…that’s a tougher decision but one that your conscience will make for you. Listen to YOU and LIVE.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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