Pistol Polish Fun :)

An awesome, fun and motivating story today!

I met an awesome woman in my class named L.T. who runs her own company called Pistol Polish. What is pistol polish you may ask?

Only the coolest idea since sliced bread (remember my blog is opinionated :))


Pistol Polish is a subscription based nail polish company. You receive two awesome colors every month to coordinate with the seasons every month! How great is that!? I know for me..I have no idea when it comes to fashion…so having this sent to my door every month is amazing! And…Pistol Polish is not just a nail polish service for you, it’s a representation of a “pistol woman.”

What is a “pistol,” you ask?  A pistol is a refined yet fiery woman.  A PISTOL Woman envisions who she wants to become – whatever that may be – and devotes her life to making that vision a reality.  PISTOLs are the epitome of cool, and every woman worth her salt wants to be one.

​Stevie Nicks?  Pistol.  Sophia Loren?  Pistol.  Cleopatra?  Pistol.  Have a mirror?  Take a look at the ultimate pistol.

It’s so simple to subscribe and is like a present each month when you receive your package with not just one color but two to match and accessorize! LT was so nice to give me a sample of September’s colors (above) and I fell in love with them! (Currently am wearing Ahh-Blaise-ing!)



L.T. is awesome! She’s so motivating and absolutely an inspiration for anyone! Not only that she has always has a great manicure…awesome! Check out her company here to support! If anything, check her out and spread the word! Motivated and awesome women like this are true examples of how we can work hard, play hard!

Love great stories like these! Congrats LT and best of luck!

Have a great day


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