Your Career is like a Marathon


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Lot’s of things going on this week and preparing for the Atlantic City Half! First and foremost, congratulations is in order to my friend and coworker Cam! Cam ran the Spartan run this past weekend. He tweeted this picture before his race so you can only imagine how terrified I was to see that. No matter, he finished strong after 13 miles and 11 obstacles in mountainous terrain in South Carolina!

This weekend I ran my eleven miles (this does not compare to Cam whatsoever). I’ve learned that running is completely a mental obstacle. I was going GREAT until mile 10, I swear I couldn’t stop thinking about when I was going to be done with the 11th mile.

Luckily, I survived the 11 miles and continued to walk for probably 3 more at the race on Saturday (Charlotte’s Bank Of America 500) but was able to walk the next day, progress right? 🙂

I’m very excited about getting to New Jersey to see my family, head to one of my brother’s football games and then kick some marathon butt with my cousin. I have to say these 4 weeks of training have gone by FAST and I am very nervous about what’s to come but I do know I have this family to keep the support. 🙂

So the point of today’s blog? (Hopefully there are points within this blog…)

I saw this on Lifehacker today (where else? :)) and realized it is the most relevant to anyone in any  career or endeavor they are on.  Last week you met LT with Pistol Polishwho is on her own endeavor and career, how about running a marathon, or being a mother?….it’s definitely got the time consumption of a career right? I know quite a few friends who are definitely struggling with this especially being so young and having to climb “up the chain.” Hopefully this quotable from Lifehacker can help remind you today to sit back and enjoy the ride but a reminder that hard work does pay off. It WILL pay off. To view the quotable, click here.

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