Help! What to wear…on Race Day.

For all you runners out there- I need help.

I think that my confidence level is rising as we get closer to race day. My legs are feeling good and I’m pretty confident that my mileage and training I’ve done will hold up, even if it has only been a dedicated 5 weeks of training in a cast on my hand. No matter what, I’m really excited to get down to Atlantic City and be near the BEACH AND just heard word that my awesome and amazing friend and CCC reader will be there to cheer us on! Exciting!! But…there is a mission I’m on, I need a question answered.

The biggest question of all- what to wear on race day. They always say…just be comfortable. Well, in my opinion, that’s super hard knowing that fall has some crazy weather! (Philadelphia had a temperature of 40 degrees yesterday!)

In my last half marathon (literally a year ago), I made the mistake of wearing a long sleeve compression shirt over top of my t-shirt. I don’t know what I was thinking. Although it helped contain the sweat but other than that it kept riding up during the race which was no fun.

Lesson Learned.

So now…what to wear (And yes, you think this is bad? Ask Erin about how I am with going out on a date!)

So here’s the weather for Sunday.

Now, I’m not a fan of being cold when running, I’d rather sweat like I was in the Sahara Desert for all I know but to be completely honest, I LOVE that I can wear running/soccer shorts. (See My Short Short’s Syndrome for more details)

I’m thinking of going with a compression long sleeve and running shorts


Capri Running Shorts with a short sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt in the morning to throw off during the race.

I’m leaning towards the running shorts because I love them but am hoping my legs aren’t super cold with the beach breeze! They are comfortable and make me feel confident AND I can tuck the long sleeve in my shorts (sounds weird but it’s super convenient).

I think Phin chose his choice…

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Help! What to wear…on Race Day.

  1. I say capris and t-shirt…then your shirts don’t ride up! Then go to Target get some cute long socks and cute the toes off! Now u have cheap arm Warmers to throw if u get hot :0) good luck!!!


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