5 Tips for Running a Half

As you are probably well aware, this weekend is the Atlantic City Half Marathon.

With a week which I thought would be pretty easy turned bad, my last minute brain was immediately in a panic because of all the planning I had to do. (I’ve also jam packed my weekend with other things including my brother and dad’s football games)

I was making so many plans and then I took a minute to just remember my basic steps to success which I learned with my first half marathon (and thanks to Matt Newsom!)

Here are my quick 5 tips for a half marathon runner:

1. Don’t use a GPS tracker or Map My Run App while racing. This is my preference. Some people want to see their pace and time. I’m not one of these people. It psychs me out completely. I think that if it’s your first half marathon- you should enjoy it and the training you did, don’t stress about the amount of time you have left before your goal, etc. It will psych you out!

2. Remember the toss out rule- Dress warmly to the start line and then take your layers off and dump them for charity on the road. This is a well known fact with runners. All clothing is donated to the local Goodwill, so it’s super easy to layer up!

3. Breakfast is key. If you haven’t been able to practice your breakfast run, I recommend peanut butter and toast. It’s got enough protein to keep you going.

4. Don’t try anything new. Don’t go get energy beans, take gels or drink a lot of gatorade if you haven’t.

5. Pay attention to the finish line. You’ve already signed up, it’s now not a question of yes or no but a question of when you will finish. The week before my first half- I was a mess. I kept thinking about the what-ifs. It was impossible not to think about. I agree with you- it’s impossible, just try and not panic. You will get through it. I promise.

Here’s to motivation! (I needed it for this upcoming weekend!!)



Source: pinstars.info via Marion on Pinterest



Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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