Half Marathon Training with Tips and a Playlist

Happy Monday!

For all of you out there from the East Coast, I really hope you are all safe! My family and friends are loacted around Washington Township, New Jersey- where the storm is hitting. Yikes! Be safe and do not drive!

So as you know, I finished the Atlantic City Half Marathon with my cousin Tim. Ever since we were little, Tim has been a daring guy. I love that about him. So when he called 6 weeks for the Atlantic City Half, he said..let’s do it. I couldn’t stop the anxiety when it came to my lack of training.  I had just received preliminary release from the doctor from my surgery and knew I couldn’t push it “full throttle.” So I knew I needed a plan and to take note of everything I was doing for my training.

Here are my top four changes/enhancements to training for this half:

Tim and I- This me so excited that Tim killed his time expectations!


I wrote this plan down on an excel document and pasted it everywhere. It was in my car by the gas gauge, it was on my bathroom mirror, in my Microsoft Outlook work calendar and on the fridge. I think having it everywhere reminded me that I had to go out for a run because time is key when you have no training time. Yikes!!

Now, I know this is not an ideal plan and I definitely give everyone a heads up that it is not recommended unless you have at least a 4 mile minimum tolerance however I can officially say this is doable! Here was my half marathon plan:

2- Compression Sleeves

By week three my left leg was extremely painful every time I went on a run.  It always happened on the first incline on Mile 1 and would be exhausting to get through. I found a deal through Active.com’s Deal Alerts Program. I found leg compression sleeves half price (Retail price is $49.00 and I got mine for $25 plus free shipping!) Once these came, I wore them on my long runs and it felt amazing. I highly recommend them if you have some shin or tightness issues with your legs.

3- Hydrate.

I truly think that got me through the training. There is nothing else which needs to be explained here. Hydate!!

4- MUSIC!!

You need some amazing music. My friends usually laugh because I go from Dave Matthews Band to Britney Spears but it’s all about what YOU want to listen to. Here’s my half playlist 🙂

Hopefully these tips can help with some of your marathon training.

As I write this post, I just received an email to run the Nike Women’s Inaugural Marathon in DC! Therefore, here’s the four things that I would change/work on to see if this helps improve my time!

1- Ab Workouts; I’ve been trying to get better with adding these. Strong abs make things much easier.

2- Group Runs; I believe I was pretty strong this time around because I hung with a pacer. Having a pacer during an organized group run is probably

3- More Long Runs- I love long runs more than anything; I want more next time around (sounds obvious, but I’m putting it here!)

4- Sprints- Yep…gotta love them. I finally found some straight ground here in Noda, I’m hoping to get some more sprinting into my workouts to help improve with speed and endurance!

Have you run in a half? What is your trick of the trade?

Stay safe out there!


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