10 Things I’ve learned as a Ball of Fury

Oh Thursday. It’s been welcomed for a while and I cannot wait until Friday especially when I’m taking my lunch break at 3:13 PM to write this post. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

We gave out over 300 pieces of Candy with a bottle of wine and a disco ball. Favorite costume last night? Baby Yoda.

We also had the coolest neighbors. Check this out- he surprised us all by blowing fire!

Okay…now onto today:

I know that this blog is called Chocolate Covered Crunches. I try to make a fitness and healthy lifestyle a happy thing for many, because who doesn’t want to crunch for chocolate? Well, this past week I was asked to attend an internship seminar with a fellow friend and blogger which I am very excited about and ironically, I’ve received two inquiries from close friends for advice in the professional world, which made me realize many readers probably do not know what my day job is. (Unfortunately I haven’t been able to turn CCC into a full time job, although any offers are available for this :)) but figured that maybe I could “practice” for next week and change up CCC for a minute. (Who knows…maybe I’ll get some more advice? :))

The lowdown:

I’m 24 years old and people call me the Ball of Fury. I’m very proud of this statement because I work hard. It’s everything I was taught by my family and friends and am very passionate to it. It also helps I had an excellent education and a big push in feminism when I was in college BUT…I digress.

I landed an internship with my current company and have been working with them for almost 7 years now! I’ve done everything from sales, to event management, to product, account management, customer service and now I’m a business analyst. (It’s a cool title)

The proudest  and most valued position, for me personally, is helping interns and young employees as a “coach” to get help them receive the experience I have had as an intern and then employee. It’s not easy (Erin can attest I have had alot of blood, sweat and tears over it) but I don’t regret it at all and am so proud of our team here at the company. (Yea…I’m a softy when it comes to this.)

Okay…enough about that, here’s my easy top 10 things I tell everyone who is in an internship, looking for an internship, job etc. Obviously I won’t give this informal of advice next week, but I was humored writing this.

  1. Be aggressive by asking questions and following up, research is critical but asking questions shows to your managers that you either understand or do not. It helps them help you..remember that.
  2. (For the ladies)- Always have a pair of flats in your car.
  3. Keep your tweets private and change your restrictions to your FB page. Your managers are looking at the photos you are posting, I promise. (You can do this easily by restricting)
  4. This is just something I’ve always done and has been received and noted many times- always thank people via email or chat. After any conversation, text, chat, email…end with a Thank you. It shows you care.
  5. No one needs to know what you did in detail last night if you got lost in a cab from a red wine girlfriend’s kind of night. Just tell them you loved the Cabernet at the bar.
  6. If you have a question about what’s happening- just ask! Don’t spread rumors. Just don’t.
  7. I’ve made this mistake a few times, honestly. Ladies…don’t go to work with your hair wet. It shows to others that you didn’t take the time. (I hate saying this, but working in a male dominated field, I can attest.)
  8. Coffee warmers for your desk are the best thing since sliced bread.
  9. Be friendly…all the time and definitely while in concentration  (It’s hard! I’m still working on this, but try!)
  10. Asking a manager or someone for their opinion/mentorship is a GOOD idea if you want to learn more about the company or even to help you advance professionally. Ask for 15 minutes, they will give it to you and I promise they won’t regret it. (Oh…and a coffee chat is always a pleaser)
  11. Bonus! Bring a pad of paper and a pen EVERYWHERE. Sounds simple right? Well it shows you are prepared, attentive and ready for anything. Show that you are prepared.

Sounds simple, but those are my do’s! You’ll see some more of these posts in the next month as part of a How to WORK category!

I hope everyone is having a good day and recovering from Sandy safely. We are all thinking of those affected. You can donate here if you would like to make a contribution to the American Red Cross.

And as in number 5- Thank you for reading.

Much love,


Ps: Thank you to you who created the nickname- Ball of Fury. I take it as a huge compliment. You know who you guys are!

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