Friday’s Fun Finds

I’m starting to really love Fridays. One, because its Friday and another, because I’ve now decided to devote it to Fun Finds from the week. Busy weekend ahead for me! Bobcats home opener, volunteer projects, case studies and some much needed R &R!

This week has been an emotional one for us Americans. Seeing the disaster Sandy left for the northeast is heartbreaking. I am so thankful that all my friends and family are safe and sound. Tonight on NBC, there is a national telethon happening with performers Bruce Spingsteen, Bon Jovi and Christina Augilera. There is a movement going on with the American Red Cross where you can easily text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

There are also tons of organizations that are involved with the relief efforts; for a full and informative list please click here.

With this, I am dedicating these pins to those affected. Hopefully these pins can help get through a day of repair and clean up either through a smile, reminder or some motivation. For each of these pins today I thought of those affected in some way.  Here are my Friday Fun Finds:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest



Source: via Amy on Pinterest



Enjoy your Friday!
Be well,

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