I got up at 6AM…

Daylights Savings Time. In my opinion, when we have to Fall back, I’m not a happy camper. For exercisers, this makes the mental games even more crazy. (I compare it to the song by the wonderful and historical Backstreet Boys as “Quit playing games with my heart”)

Do you really feel tired after the sun sets? I swear I do. Last night after the clocks changed, I told my roommates I was going to bed at 10:15 PM. I tell myself that I will workout after going to bed early and even set my alarm.

Then…I hit snooze.

Many times.

And then some more until I only have 45 minutes to get ready for work. (uh-oh)

Then when driving to work, I see these people who are running and heading to the gym at 5:30 AM and I seriously think to myself, are you out of your mind?! Go sleep.

When I was training with Pride Conditioning before my crooked thumbs up incident, I would wake up every day at 5:45 AM to get to the gym by 6. It was all about the money for me. Shelling out $99 a month was a pretty penny to be able to workout at 6AM. I would hear continuous comments about how the criticism would ask for the money to get themselves up every day.

Now, recently. This has been a difficult task for me.  I can’t explain why other than me loving my warm bed in the morning with an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Sometimes I blame Ikea, they have the best comforters which I have fell in love with. And my slump.

So…now I’m in a slump. Half marathon over and workouts have slimed down. I’m going through quite a bit of activity right now personally and professionally so I don’t have as much time as I would like. This gives me no excuses not to workout early in the morning.

I decided to take some advice from the internet to try and help me out. (Note: I tried all of these except the workout buddy, I’m soliciting :))

  • (Obvious)- Go to Sleep earlier and GO to sleep. No TV, computer….if you aren’t tired try reading a book.
  • When you’re alarm goes off, stretch and get up as soon as you hear it.
  • Reward yourself- giving yourself a goal of going to the gym early 4 days a week and you get a reward. (I’ve decided mine is going to be a new purse)
  • Get a workout buddy and meet there.
  • Have your stuff out in your sight when you wake up- instant motivation.
  • Have a motivational item, picture or slogan. – For me it was a picture I had seen of myself recently. I wasn’t a fan of the loss of muscle because of my surgery so I looked at that picture this morning and was immediately putting my gym shorts on.

This morning I got up at 6:00 AM (even after being awoken at 4:30 with a dream about a shark) and went straight to the gym for a 45 minute elliptical interval workout.  And let me tell you…this is how I felt afterwards:

Now…I needed coffee at 3PM, but that’s become a normal habit for me recently. But until 3PM, I felt great. Now the question is, will going to bed at 10:30 PM work for tomorrow too?

Stay tuned.

On another note, I found this from a blog called Healthy Happier Bear, a blogger located in New York City. In a long story short, she met a young woman at the Healthy Living Summit and they became good friends. Jen, and her family lost everything through Hurricane Sandy.  Healthy Happier Bear created a registry to help a family in need who literally lost everything in the storm. Such a great idea! If you would like to donate, please click on the registry. Everything will be sent to Jen and her family.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! Keep thinking about those affected in Hurricane Sandy.


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