Embrace the Fear.

My Objective today:

With my HBS class, I have been reading a lot about CEO’s and business leaders who embraced fear. I believe that these case studies do not just reflect the business world, they reflect everything we do.

Fear is so difficult. These past few weeks, I have recognized that I have run away from fear, embarrassingly I am admitting this now because I realize I must embrace fear. I know this because of the way my life has been these past few years, normalcy.

At class last night, we talked about a young worker in China who was an assembly line worker. Her retention in her position was 18 months where she put labels on cell phones (over 400 cell phones a day), 6 days a week. Her job did not change and it was a process. This employee found a faster way to work the labels on the phones which she started to do. With a culture that was set in stone where there was no innovation in assembly line work, she took the chance to do something different. she did not fear.

If you want to do something…do it, do not fear it. When you fear, you lose. You lose time waiting for the fear to pass, you waste other’s times while fearing, and you waste your confidence that you have built. Trust yourself and do not fear.




Source: bluquote.net via Jodie on Pinterest



I have to tell myself this, literally every day.

So…go out and vote and then be grateful for the vote AND the ability to not fear.

Happy Election Day everyone!


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