Attempt 3436 at being a blogger…

I’m always jealous of those bloggers that are really really bloggers. You know what I mean. The ones I read for hours on end.

Pumps and Iron 

Green Wedding Shoes

Peanut Butter Runner

Happy Family Travels

Why are these bloggers so creative and entertaining? I swear it’s because of their photos and stories. So here’s my attempt to update you on my morning workouts in an entertaining and “professional.”

So as you know, I’m attempting to workout 4 days a week in the early AM (just like when you see those crazy runners on the side of the road at 6AM while you are driving to work). Why? Because of the reward I decided to reward myself with…a new purse.

Well, I’ve definitely been working out.

Monday I did an elliptical workout partly because I was just entirely too shocked that I got up and went to the gym. Others may be shocked by this and some may completely deny it, but I swear that my morning gym performance was solely because I went to sleep at 10:30 AM on Sunday night.

Tuesday was a bit tougher but I knew that for my mini election party I needed to go in the morning, so I got up again! (Monday I went to bed at 11:00 PM) I decided to do an arm workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical. I used machines, which I have not done in SUCH a long time. Needless to say, this morning was tough but felt great.

And that leads me to today. Well…after watching the election and then deciding to stay up because I just had to know who won, I made a decision with myself this morning that I was going to sleep in. Mistake. When I left work to get to the gym not only was it extremely busy (I had to wait for an elliptical) I just did not want to push myself like in the morning and missed the opportunity to do my leg workout. (Note: when it’s super crowded at the gym, I’m solely not a fan. I can’t handle the waiting game and people watching me)

So…I’m watching the voice, blogging and drinking a glass of wine. (I’ve become obsessed with Apothic Blend) and am determined to go to bed at 10:30 tonight and get to the gym tomorrow morning for a leg workout and another session with my love, the elliptical.

So- did I sound like I had an interesting few mornings? I realize I’m pretty much not a professional blogger (have you see Freshly Pressed?) but I’m proud to say it and proud to say I love this.

Do something you love today-


PS: My Arm Workout (Per Machines)

Tricep Press

Bicep Press

Tricep Extension

Bicep Extension

Deltoid Machine

Chest Press


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