Charlotte, Philly, Boston Tailgates and celebration galore

Well…when life gets busy some things have got to suffer right? Unfortunately, that has been my blogging. I apologize for not being up to date. It’s been a whirlwind of a two weeks to say the least.

So here’s a recap:

Tuesday: Election Day, first day of Google Hangouts.

My girlfriends from New Jersey are some of the most amazing people I’ve met. They are amazing. There are MANY times where I don’t know what I would have done without them, truly. Have you ever used Google Hangout before? This is not relevant to anything…other than the fact that I spent an hour and a half with my friends on Google Hangout and don’t regret anything. It goes to show that sometimes you have tons and tons of things to do, but just need a break. SO-MUCH-FUN.

Thursday: Internship Panel

Okay…I’ve found my calling. I am determined to do more of these. I loved every minute of it. It was great to catch up with Jen and then be on the panel together. The questions were great and the feedback was awesome. It was a great experience overall. Here were my favorite two questions and how I responded:

What did you do to be aggressive but show you want to learn?

Me: I asked. I asked questions all the time. And in a formal way, through email. I knew people were busy…so I just sent an email or scheduled a meeting. Then when people started asking for my input I KEPT formality.

What is your number one piece of advice?

Me: Be Busy. Always. And if you aren’t busy, go get work. The worst image to put up is one of boredom or lack of motivation to get work. In small entrepreneurial firms, like ours, you need to speak up! It shows character and work ethic.

Friday: Flip-a-delphia

My wonderful friend EJ picked me up at the airport and we had a great diner breakfast together. After a few hours of work, I headed to happy hour with my family to make an announcement!

The Announcement:

So I’m excited to announce, I’m taking this next step with huge nervousness but complete confidence that I’m going to be okay. That’s the beauty of taking a risk. If you don’t succeed, when in doubt continue on.

After 6 years and 9 months, I have decided to leave my company for another position in Austin, Texas! The company, Shoutz, recruited me to run all of their marketing campaigns through different medias.  Needless to say, it’s been an overwhelming week with much internal debate. To leave something so normal and something that has really formed me into who I am today is very difficult. It doesn’t help that I do not enjoy change either and this is the epitome of change BUT it was my wonderful friend Traci who sent me one simple text message:

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for The Lord, not for human masters.

It definitely still a struggle to think about leaving such an amazing city, friends and truthfully my second family. BUT this day was about celebration on my next chapter in my life. So… Austin, Texas here I come!

Continue on…

Then…off to Seasons 52! A very cool restaurant in Cherry Hill which serves every dish under 450 calories AND changes it’s menu every week! (The food was AMAZING and so was the desert!) It was great to catch up with two of my very best friends.  I am so proud of their accomplishments. (We toasted to all of our promotions and changes at dinner with cocktails)

Then…Saturday Morning: Philly– Boston

I headed up to Philadelphia en route for my brother’s last game as a Becker Hawk.  It really didn’t hit me until I got to the field that my brother was playing in his last game but when it did, it did. I’m extremely proud of him and his senior friends and brothers. They have a true bond of friendship that is very contagious. I’m very proud of him and the others. I’m also very proud of my mom who kept it together the whole time 🙂

My mom is amazing. She had a full tailgate spread planned, thinking about every little detail possible. Her menu included Salmon Burgers, Eggplant Stromboli, Guinness Burgers (she found the recipe from RiRa after our Atlantic City Half Marathon!). AND my dad assembled a heater for the tailgate crew for the chilly day, needless to say I did not step away from the heater, it was amazing. The entire day was amazing!

It shows the accomplishments that a single person can make (my brother) and the celebration of those accomplishments. If anything, it shows that you can do anything you put your mind to. My brother struggled at times in college with the team (he had two coach changes in the four years he was there) but he stuck it out with commitment and reaped the reward. I cannot tell you how proud I am of him.

Mom and Dan..and yes, that’s snow in the background!

Now- Sunday: Boston- Philadelphia- Charlotte

My dad assembled us into the car at 6AM and headed back to Philadelphia for our next tailgate adventure. We headed to the Cheyenne Social Club’s tailgate (my dad is a member) and had chicken parm sandwiches and….what else? Stromboli. It was fun to see some of the guys that my dad tailgates with every week. I hadn’t seen them for a few years so it was always a warm welcome with everyone I talked to (as well as a swift warning I was not to fall in love with a cowboy in Texas :))

Unfortunately, I had to leave the tailgate early, I was really sad to go. We headed to the airport and after an hour and a half of waiting in security lines (Philadelphia International is the absolute worse, sorry to complain!) I missed my flight. Rebooked and spent the extra hour reviewing paperwork and downing my Starbucks coffee (I think that after four days of waking up at 5AM and not sleeping for 8 hours, it had finally gotten to me!)

Landed in Charlotte, found a very tried Phineas who ATE my roommates quizzes that needed to be graded (she’s a teacher)…Then…I ended up falling asleep on my computer at 10PM that night.

All in all, a great weekend.

AND Monday- Thursday I hit the gym every morning! Woohoo!!

So…I apologize about not blogging! We’ve got a lot coming up this week with the holiday and I’m looking forward to coming back and making fitness just a bit sweeter for you 🙂

Just remember…

“You have to risk going too far to discover

just how far you can really go.”- T.S. Eliot

Until next time..


Thank you to all of you, who keep the confidence a’flowing.

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