We aren’t perfect. Love handles and all.

If there is one thing I have a guilty pleasure about (other than wedding blogs) it’s Freshly Pressed. What an amazing concept from WordPress. If you don’t know what Freshly Pressed, I really recommend you check it out. It’s a combination of WordPress’ best blogs. Great reading material if you ask me. Well…there was a blog posted which made Freshly Pressed which I loved called The Myth of the Older and Wiser. In short, it explains that even when we get older we do not get wiser.

Hmm…I’ll take that any day.

The my way is a road paved with embarrassing and painful examples of reckless behavior. We have plenty of examples around us—we have a veritable GPS of examples, yet we don’t use it.

Embarrassing and painful examples of reckless behavior? Well….I think I can explain some of that.

Ironically…something like this happened to me this weekend. (Eyes are now glued to the computer right?) I did something dumb and out of my character (I swear I’m on an emotional roller coaster of a  “high” from so many risks that I have taken) and had really really started to regret it as time went on. Even to the point that when I traveled to the tailgate on Sunday morning, I really didn’t want to get out of bed because of some odd thing I made up in my head that he (the mistake) was going to be there (when he really would NEVER possibly be there).’

Bloggers Note: “He” is the mistake. I apologize for all of you out there that are dying to know what happened (It’s natural) but because I am not anonymous, I am referring to “he” as he alone. 

All in all, my mistake sucked. We’ve all had these terrible times. You think something is a genius idea and then it crumbles. USUALLY, only with you and yourself alone.

I kept being so hard on myself, the entire day…even to this moment when I am writing this post! Things like, “How could I be so dumb?”, “What were you thinking?”, “Who do you think you are?”

It’s so dumb but yet I kept thinking, “You’re better than that, you’re almost 25 for crying out loud!” Well…

3. Most of us seem to love a gloriously colossal fall from grace. What does that say about us?

It’s just a mistake. Something that NO one knows about other than “he.” So why am I so upset about it?

Honestly, we will NEVER learn. Stop scolding the younger generation for being irresponsible, rash and immature. Instead, repeat and repeat often, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

It brought up another thought for me. It reminds me of some of my days when I look in the mirror (ladies…you know we all have them) and I forget about the hard work that I put into being HEALTHY instead of what I looked like with skinny jeans on. It’s a battle I fight constantly. (All eggs out on the table today)

Why do we do this to ourselves? It just rolls right into one another. Our self conscious is roaring the minute we THINK we did something stupid because society tells us that we did something stupid? Or because we’ve created this idea that it’s stupid from others? Or…because we think that we are old so that makes us wiser? Bravo Snoring Dog Studio!

All of this wraps up into one single thing-

We are who we are.

We make mistakes and we will continue to make mistakes.

We aren’t perfect. Love handles and all. 

Thus is life. Without life, you aren’t living.

And to the mistake I made this weekend…your loss is my gain. Isn’t that the saying?



Cheers to a holiday week!


One thought on “We aren’t perfect. Love handles and all.

  1. Great post Jamie! My mentor said to me last week, “Don’t compare your insides to someone’s outsides.”

    That sank in hard. It is easier to compare ourselves to others or images we hold in our head, all the while beating ourselves up because we don’t measure up. But when we do that we forget about the long road we have journeyed, lessons learned, and changes made … for the better.

    Congratulations on taking the leap … taking the risk. It will be amazing. Good, bad, and ugly — they are all opportunities to learn, meet new people, and grow. 🙂


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