My morning workout routine tips

For the past few weeks, I have been referencing my morning workouts.

I am starting to love it…after the workout. Before, I’m evil because who wants to get out of bed when it’s freezing outside and then run in gym clothes to the cold car to defrost the car and then go.

It doesn’t help that my gym is almost 15 minutes away..

It’s also not a good thing when you are trying to get yourself to the gym AND additionally, I have a problem where I get acclimated to time. It’s bad. I get “used” to times and try and squeeze it out as much as possible.

But see!! So many excuses that I have to barrel through each morning. It’s tough. So here’s my mental process to get through these excuses I have magically created in my head. If anything…this is my thought process which is a bit personal to me, but you can tweak it for yourself!

1- You need to get out bed anyway, your roommates are already teaching the youth of the community in a school at 7:15 AM.

2- You will feel better (So cliche..but so true)

3- You only have to go for 30 minutes, it’s the drive that is what really sucks. (For the drive, I listen to the radio show Ace and TJ)

4- (Not many people have these problems but I do) I do not have cable and I’m actually starting to like it because it’s forcing me to go in and run the elliptical and watch the news. (I miss the news almost as much as Greys Anatomy)

5- I feel more organized. Going to the gym in the morning means I have to plan things because (me personally) I need to get 8 hours of sleep at all costs so I have to plan EVERYTHING.

I promise it does work. Giving yourself five reasons as to why you should will then give you no reason to not.

Happy workout 🙂


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